Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oshkosh Police Collect Unwanted Cell Phones (From Email Update)

From Oshkosh Police Dept's Team 2 Newsletter:

Just a reminder that OPD, along with other law enforcement agencies in Winnebago County, collect unwanted cell phones. We realize three benefits:
* Discarded cell phones are processed/recycled by a company who returns a fee to us for each phone. The income goes to the Winnebago Crime Prevention Fund at the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. This fund helps to support a wide variety of crime prevention projects and equipment needs.* The recycling company provides us with refurbished cell phones that are distributed to senior citizens or others in the community who may not be able to afford a cell phone for emergency use. The phones are programmed for 9-1-1- use only.* By donating the unwanted cell phones to OPD, we keep the discarded phones out of the local landfill.
It's a win-win-win opportunity. You can drop off your unwanted cell phones to Officer Nichols' office anytime. Thanks

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